College of Education

Vision & Objective


The modern take on IAEA plans and programmes featured sites leading to national and regional levels in the field of educational and psychological studies by various scientific degrees (diploma, master 's, PhD), and in research and field studies of direct influence on the formation process of learning/education and practices applied in the fields of: education, psychology, teaching methods and curricula, teaching techniques, and special education.


Achieving educational environment operate according to international standards, to develop human resources capable of community development and humanitarian service.

  The goals:                                                                                                    
building integrated sensitive personal student.
Providing excellent education combines the authenticity of the Muslim community, contemporary open international creative.
Culture of lifelong learning, in order to keep up with cognitive development and technology.
Development of a sense of belonging of the students.
Development environment education do the student.
Online learning systems building , stimulate creative abilities of the students
The output of learning valuable social, cultural and economic.
Apply quality standards in all educational and administrative processes.
Have students.

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